Jean has an intense need and appreciation for color, shape and nature which is celebrated in her recent expression of work. Trained in many art mediums and styles, she has chosen watercolor and acrylic painting as her current method of exploration.  Throughout her life, Jean has immersed herself in the creative process of art in many forms: architecture, photography, drawing, ceramics & painting.  Her formal education includes a Bachelors of Fine Arts, and a Masters of Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of New Mexico. After working as a design professional and  raising a  family, she is focused on her work as an experimental painter.  She has worked many hours in local schools to educate students in art and promote creativity  for the next generation.   She hopes to share her gratitude and inspiration with others through her art. 
"Painting nourishes my soul and challenges me to interpret and create lasting beauty.  My work is often inspired by the spirit of nature and elements of earth and sky.  Our environment is remarkably intricate, fragile and ever changing.  My artistic purpose is to capture and preserve special moments, thoughts and places with texture, form and color. I hope to evoke contemplation and organic emotions of wonder, awe and joy for my viewers."